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GUADEC 2015, part 4: Göteborg, Svenska

I didn’t have much of a touristic experience as I didn’t really leave the venues during the day and had no extra day to visit, but I was still out during lunch and the evenings.

Things are expensive there, drinks even more so. A cheap beer is 60 SEK, which is roughly 6€. You can easily pay 8 to 10€ for a better one. This seems to come from taxes on alcohol. On the other hand there’s a large choice of beers everywhere.

It is feasible to find a good lunch for a reasonable price though. Most places seem to be “All included”, i.e. you’d pay for a dish and then you’d have perks like a buffet for side dishes, self service coffee or tea… Food was good, especially the salmon pasta I had in an Italian restaurant where Andreas and Fabiana took us, and the lasagna at the vegetarian restaurant we went to with Grégoire.

There were some interesting buildings. The one I liked the most was the boat.

I felt a pinch in my heart when I had to leave. It was good seeing all those awesome people and I look forward to meeting them again soon.