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GUADEC 2015, part 3: the BoF sessions

I (obviously) joined the i18n/l10n + docs BoF session. Nuritzi did a remarkable job at keeping us on track. The discussion led to material for a hackfest. I volunteered to find a venue. This will probably happen in November. Damnit, I’m organizing an event again. :-)

During my talk I called for help on various topics, one of them being Damned lies for which we need a Django developer. Grégoire showed interest and so during the BoF days we tried to get him set up to contribute, and he quickly got his first patches pushed! It always feels good witnessing the first contributions of someone to a project.

Apart from that, I spent some time with the people interested in Builder. Christian made a list of things that need to get done and we tried to match people with items of the list. I’ll try to work on the i18n features and I started drafting a plan for that.

During those days, I also chatted with Lasse about outreach and he set things on motion to automate Google Summer of Code administration.